Section 1: Rules of Entry

Section 1: rules of entry

  1. Number of Bulls: The entry numbers for the Calgary Bull Sale will be capped at 140 bulls. If entry numbers exceed 140 bulls, then the maximum number of bulls per consignor will be limited to 12. If entry numbers still exceed the maximum, then the executive is authorized to make the final decision on how bull numbers will be cut back. New contributors, a consignor that has never sold at the Calgary Bull Sale or a consignor who has not been at the Calgary Bull Sale for 5 years will be limited to entering 4 bulls for the first 2 years.
  1. Entry Closing: Entries close Monday, December 3, 2018. Entries must be made on the official Alberta Cattle Breeders Association bull sale entry form. Entry forms must be postmarked by December 3,2018. Faxed entry forms will not be accepted. Entry forms should be mailed to:
    Alberta Cattle Breeders Association
    c/o Chelsey McKenzie, Site 6, Box 34, RR 2, Okotoks, Alberta T1S 1A2
  1. All entries to the Calgary Bull Sale must be accompanied by the entry fee and a Certificate of Registration issued by the respective breed association. This certificate must include a signature authorizing transfer of ownership.
  1. Entry Fee: A non-refundable entry fee of $150 (plus GST) along with a $10.00 (plus GST) membership fee per breeding/consignor unit per breed, payable to the Alberta Cattle Breeders Association is due at the time of entry. The entry fee paid by the contributor to the Alberta Cattle Breeders Association will be forfeited and remain the sole property of the Alberta Cattle Breeders Association if the bull is culled, rejected or if entries are cancelled after the official closing date of Monday, December 3, 2018.
  1. Membership fee: A $10.00 (plus GST) membership fee per breeding/consignor unit is required regardless of the number of entries within the breeding/consignor unit, thus allowing ONE VOTING MEMBER PER BREEDING/CONSIGNOR UNIT. In the case where a breeding/consignor unit has multi-breeds they would be allowed a vote for each paid membership.
  1. Associate Membership: Persons interested in the cattle industry, although not breeders or cattle owners, may join the Association as Associate members upon payment of $10.00 (plus GST) per year. Such associate members may attend the meeting of the Association and take part in the discussions but will not be eligible for office and may not vote.
  1. Members must own entries: Each bull entered must be the property of a member of the Association who is a bona-fide resident of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and who is conducting a livestock breeding establishment of the breed in Alberta, British Columbia or Saskatchewan. Bulls not bred by the contributor must be owned, transferred and have been issued a “Canadian Pedigree Certificate” in the contributor’s name before the entry closing date. In the case where a bull has multiple owners, the transfer rules indicated previously apply to all owners listed on the registration paper.
  1. Stalling: Consignors will be allowed to tie their bulls together where one fitting organization is fitting the entire string. Please indicate on the entry form or call Judy Finseth (403) 852-0154 prior to February 25, 2019 to request particular stalling requirements.
  1. Bedding: No straw is allowed as bedding at Century Downs.  No platforms or sand are allowed under bulls in order to establish uniformity of exhibits. Shavings, woodchips and pliable matting may be used for bedding. Initial bedding will be supplied, extra shavings must be provided by consignors. Special lighting is not allowed.
  1. Temperament of Bulls: Any bull that, in the opinion of the Alberta Cattle Breeders Association, is deemed uncontrollable or exhibits a temperament that may cause injury or damage must be removed from the premises.
  1. Breeding Unit: All registered animals, whether owned by one person or more than one person, which are maintained on one farm, are considered to be the production of one breeding unit. Where more than one person or family member is part of an existing unit, they may consign under their individual name and sell with the existing breeding unit or individually in their alphabetical rotation.
  1. Breeding Unit Name Change: All entries made under one breeding or consignor unit will show and sell together and be catalogued under the breeding unit name. Anyone having previously entered the Calgary Bull Sale under one breeding unit name, must forward a written application one year prior to the sale, to the Alberta Cattle Breeders Board of Directors for approval if they wish to change the breeding unit name.
  1. Age of Bulls: No animal born prior to January 1, 2016 or later than March 31, 2018 shall be eligible for entry.
  1. The Association shall have the right to refuse any entries submitted by any contributor.
  1. The use of GLUES, ADHESIVES, PAINT to fit bulls for the show/sale ring will NOT BE ALLOWED.
  1. Tampering: There will be no tampering with stall allotments allowed. Unnatural practices in fitting will not be tolerated, and all cattle entered for competition shall be presented in the judging and/or sale ring in their natural conformation and natural physical condition. To ensure this clause is complied with, a statutory declaration may be required. Products/solutions/liquids administered internally or externally to alter the conformation or weight of the animal is prohibited.




The Alberta Cattle Breeders Association appreciates the generous support of its Calgary Bull Sale sponsors. A variety of investment options are available that provide meaningful opportunities to engage with purebred and commercial cattle breeders throughout the western provinces. Contact us for more information.

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