Section VIII: General Rules and Regulations

  1. Liability: Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained, it is understood that each consignor, by the act of entry for exhibiting, waives all claims against the Alberta Cattle Breeders Association and/or any of the members, officials or agents thereof, for any and all injury, loss or damage, which he/she, his/her employees helpers and/or property may sustain arising in any way out of the operations of the said Association and/or Association officers, members or agents and indemnifies the said Association, and/or member or agents from and against any loss or damage sustained by the said Association by reason of any claims made by any of his/her helpers or employees or their executors, administrators, or assign and that any helpers or assistants introduced to or engaged by any consignor through the said Association or through its members, officers or agents shall be at the sole risk and responsibility of such consignors.
  1. In case of typographical or other errors discovered, the Auctioneer will announce corrections and a memorandum of such corrections shall take precedence over the printed matter in the catalogue. Buyers are therefore cautioned to pay attention to the Auctioneer’s announcements.
  1. Management of Sale: The management will be under the direction of the Executive Committee of the Alberta Cattle Breeders Association and the Executive Committee will have entire charge of all bulls in the sale area, stable accommodation and routine.
  1. By-bidding: There shall be no by-bidding by the owner of an animal or anyone authorized by the owner. Statutory Declaration may be required from any buyer or seller to the effect that any purchase of sale is bona-fide and that there has been no by-bidding in connection therewith. Any owner guilty of by-bidding or authorizing anyone to do so for the owner will be excluded from participating in future sales for a term to be determined by the Executive Committee.
  1. Every care will be exercised by the management to prevent injury to or loss of property, and to ensure prompt delivery of animals. The Association (acting only as agent) will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur, nor for any stock incorrectly routed, whether through negligence on the part of its officers or servants or not. Insurance against loss should be taken out by the owner should they consider it necessary. In all cases, however, the influences of the Association will be exerted as far as possible to hold all parties strictly to these regulations.
  1. The consignor hereby appoints and constitutes the Alberta Cattle Breeders Association as his/her agent for the purposes aforesaid with full power and authority to sub-delegate its authority and powers.
  1. Purchase of Animals: All sales in Canadian Dollars. U.S. funds will be accepted at the exchange rate announced by the Auctioneer at the start of the sale. Sales management can purchase animals for anyone unable to attend the sale personally. The greatest care will be used in fulfilling the order in accordance with instructions given by the purchaser and no charge will be made for this service. The purchaser is required to send a cheque or a bank draft immediately in the amount of the purchase price of the bull or horse.
  1. Delivery: Buyers and sellers will coordinate the delivery of bulls. Sellers and buyers must coordinate all necessary transportation arrangements and let the settlement office know. The seller is responsible for feeding and watering of bulls. The seller is responsible to deliver bulls to a central location agreed upon by the buyer and seller. Buyers must supply feed for animals while in transit.
  1. Feed, Water, Etc.: An initial base of bedding will be supplied. All contributors will be required to supply all necessary feed and care for their bulls up to and including the last day of the current year’s sale. Any contributor failing to comply with these regulations may be excluded from participating in future sales held by this Association. Sellers or their agents will be required to take care of their animals immediately upon arrival at point of sale, have the animals placed in the stalls, remain in attendance with them and feed and water them. Feed must be kept to a minimum in the barn as it constitutes a fire hazard.
  1. Release of Bulls: Consignors are prohibited to teardown or load out bulls until the sale is completed. No bulls may be removed from the sale premises without a release slip which must be presented to designated staff upon release.
  1. Disputes: If any disputes arise between two or more bidders it shall be settled by the animal or animals being again put up and resold. The decision of the Auctioneer shall be final in all such cases.
  1. Ownership and Settlement: The terms of the sale are cash or cheque payable to the Alberta Cattle Breeders. The right of the property does not change hands until full settlement is made. Should any purchaser fail to settle for his purchase, Alberta Cattle Breeders Association reserves full power to resell the animal to their best advantage, either privately or publicly, without further notice. Any loss resulting from such resale and all other expenses arising from this are payable by the original purchaser. All settlements must be made before any animal is released.
  1. Immediately after each purchase is declared, the risk of the animals shall be exclusively with the purchaser, and it is declared that until a settlement shall be made in the terms of those conditions, the delivery of the animal(s) shall be suspended.
  1. Executive Committee Right: The Executive Committee reserves the right to decide any point not covered by the rules which said committee considers necessary in the proper regulation and management of the sale.
  1. Sale Agreement: Every person who contributes a bull to the sale and everyone who bids at the sale, by doing so agrees to the foregoing terms and conditions of the sale.
  1. Private Sales: Bulls consigned to the sale must be sold by auction. Animals not entered for sale will not be allowed on the sale premises.
  1. Stall Signs: Only signs of consignors in the Calgary Bull Sale can be displayed in the stalls at the Calgary Bull Sale
  1. Stall Cards: Stall cards supplied by the Alberta Cattle Breeders Association must be posted above each bull. Consignors will not be allowed to advertise other sales. There will be no tampering with the official stall cards.
  1. Nose Ring and Halters: Bulls must have nose rings at all times. A fine of $10.50 (plus GST) per bull will be charged to any consignor in non-compliance. Nose rings are not to be removed while bulls are housed in the sale facility. Bulls must be halter-broke and each animal supplied with a good halter. If this is not adhered to the Barn Boss has instructions to provide a suitable halter, the cost to be collected from the seller of the animal.
  1. Neck Ropes: All bulls must be tied with a substantial neck rope. The neck rope must remain on the bull at all times within the sale facility. A fine of $10.50 (plus GST) per animal will be charged to any consignor in non-compliance.
  1. Floor Fans: Floor fans or butt fans will not be allowed in the sale facility.
  1. Insurance: Consignors desiring insurance must give this matter their personal attention.
  1. Smoking Policy: In accordance with Provincial law, the sale barn is a non-smoking facility. There will be no smoking allowed.
  1. Alcohol Policy: The serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages in a non-licensed area of a public building is illegal and in contravention of the AGLC regulations. Additionally, this practice poses liability and safety issue for all stakeholders.
  1. Failure to comply with rules stated in this document may result in suspension from participation in the current and future Calgary Bull Sales.




The Alberta Cattle Breeders Association appreciates the generous support of its Calgary Bull Sale sponsors. A variety of investment options are available that provide meaningful opportunities to engage with purebred and commercial cattle breeders throughout the western provinces. Contact us for more information.

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